Some people or communities are more affected by divorce than others.  The entertainment business seems to produce many failed marriages.  Not only is there a high number of divorced entertainers, but there are some who have divorced several times.  Obviously, the older celebrities have racked up more divorces than the young couples; however, at the rate they’re going, some entertainers are going to earn the name “serial divorcee”.images (12)

However, some communities are harder-hit by this epidemic than others, and the entertainment community bears more than its fair share of shattered nuptials. But this is not simply because there is a high number of divorced entertainers. Rather, there are entertainers who have divorced a high number of times, with some racking up as many as four, five or even six divorces or more. Let’s see who ranks on the multiple divorce chart:

Actress Lana Turner claims the highest number of divorces:  Divorced 8 times (2 times to the same husband). Turner has been quoted about her divorces saying: “My goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around.”

Elizabeth Taylor: Divorced 7 times.

Mickey Rooney: Divorced 7 times. His first marriage was to Ava Gardner in 1942, and has been married to his most recent wife 37 years.

Zsa Zsa Gabor: Divorced 7 times. One of her marriages to actor Felipe de Alba was annulled after one day. Gabor married Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt in 1986, and the two remain married today.

42309959-most_divorced_celebrities_king.600x400Larry King: Divorced 6 times. A news article quotes King on the 10th anniversary of his current wife, when he described her as “the only [wife] to have lasted into the two digits.” The couple began divorce proceedings in 2010, but decided not to go through with it.

Christie Brinkley: Divorced 4 times.  Billy Joel was her second and probably most famous husband. She did not remarry after her 4th divorce.

Joan Collins: Divorce 4 times. The good news?  She married Percy Gibson (32 years younger than Collins) in 2002, and they are still together. In fact, they renewed their nuptial vows in 2009.

Jerry Lee Lewis:  Divorced 4 times.  Famous for his legendary rock-n-roll music, his last marriage, to Kerrie McCarver, lasted for 20 years and ended in divorce in 2004.

Liza Minelli: Divorced 4 times.  After her last divorce in 2007, this oscar-winning performer has not remarried.

Martin Scorsese: Divorced 4 times.  This film maker’s first marriage was to an NYU student  whom he wed in 1965 while he was still a 22-year-old undergraduate at NYU. Currently, Scorsese is married to book editor Helen Morris (1999).