Our Mesa, Fotor0706142935Arizona family law attorneys are dedicated to outstanding representation and personalized attention in serving the needs of our clients.  Every client’s family law situation is unique and we handle each case according to its circumstances. In order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients, our staff gives individual professionalism and uses our legal experience in Arizona family law.

Contact our Mesa, AZ divorce attorney to assist you in your divorce and in dividing debts and assets equally and reasonably.  We will work to assure that all property is included and fairly divided:

  • personal property
  • retirement accounts
  • business property
  • real property
  • vehicles

Mesa, Arizona Divorce Lawyers Assisting Clients with Property Division

Our Arizona Family Law Firm will protect your rights during your divorce.  We also work in your best interests when dividing property and debts upon your divorce.  Our attorneys are experienced in:

  • marital division of properties including earnings and liabilities from employment
  • real estate
  • retirement accounts
  • businesses
  • investment accounts
  • vehicles
  • pension plans

Our legal team will protect your financial security during and post-divorce proceedings.

Arizona Divorce Court: Division of Assets & Debts

Arizona community property law applies to separation and divorce cases.  A presumption is made that both parties have an equal interest in any property attained during the marriage, including earnings and assets:

  • Home

The family residents may be a difficult item to divide, as it is usually owned by both parties and secured by a mortgage.  It is typically the most valuable asset, and in many cases, the couple must either sell the house and divide the proceeds, or the home mortgage must be paid by one of the parties until the home can be sold or refinanced.

  • Business

A value must be determined of a business that is owned by one or both parties.  There are options to divide this asset in the dissolution of the marriage.  If the couple does not wish to manage the business together, one person can take the business while the other takes assets that would hold a similar value.  Also a cash payment or a payment plan may be settled to offset the value of the business (especially if there is not enough property to offset the value of the business).

  • Retirement Accounts

Arizona law is clear:  when someone pays into a retirement account during a marriage, that portion of the retirement is community property.  A cash value can be placed on the account, then a portion is paid to each party.

  • Gifted or Inherited Property

This may not be as simple as it would seem:  inherited property, gifted, or premarital property is considered as a separate property (not community property) and should not be divided in a divorce or separation.  In some cases, however, separate property has been combined with community assets, therefore becoming joint property.

Contact Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Mesa, Arizona to Assist with Division of Property

Our Mesa, Arizona Divorce Attorneys understand that divorce may be an emotional and difficult process.  However, it is important to remember that the division of property is a business decision. Having an advocate who is knowledgable about Arizona divorce laws is going to give you an advantage; especially, when seeking your fair settlement of properties.  Whatever concerns you have regarding divorce and the dividing of properties, even if you are simply contemplating divorce, contact our law firm to understand your options and to protect your interests, your financial security, and your future.