The Most Divorced Celebrities

The Most Divorced Celebrities

Some people or communities are more affected by divorce than others.  The entertainment business seems to produce many failed marriages.  Not only is there a high number of divorced entertainers, but there are some who have divorced several times.  Obviously, the older celebrities have racked up more divorces than the young couples; however, at the

FIRST CONSULTATION: What to expect from the first meeting with attorney

When confronted with the possibility of divorce and the probable need for a divorce attorney, anyone can feel confused and overwhelmed and, frankly, scared of the unknown and the uncertainty of their future. Instead of fearing the unknown, have some idea of what to expect during the initial consultation and contact with an attorney.  You

The Mediation Alternative in Arizona Divorces

Mediation as a Means to Divide Property in Divorce Mediation offers couples an opportunity for a calm and cordial environment in which to discuss important and complex legal family law issues. It is imperative when making crucial decisions concerning your future to use the most effective manner to divide the property that has been accrued