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images (4)Family law legal help is available in the Queen Creek, Arizona community.  Unfortunately, relationships end and family dynamics need to adapt to new family circumstances.  Seek legal assistance for a family law issue in Queen Creek Arizona at our experienced Family Law Firm.  Also, our staff offers expert representation for families and individuals in Queen Creek:  we are dedicated to advocate for our clients and protect their rights.  We also will work for our clients’ desired outcomes to their cases, and always proceed with their best interests in mind.

Take advantage of a FREE CONSULTATION with an attorney.  You may also discuss the particulars of your situation and seek answers and support from an expert family law lawyer.  Our successful law firm:

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About Queen Creek, Arizona

Located in the southeast corner of Maricopa County (with some overlap into Pinal County), Queen Creek is in the East Valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Queen Creek is a smaller town that enjoys a more rural life (as opposed to urban/city life) as it is a community of farmers, ranchers, and irrigated acre lots.  The town has seasonal festivals, a working olive mill, and many visitors come to pick from its fruit and vegetable crops.  The San Tan Mountains are to the south, and the Superstition Mountains to the northeast.  Queen Creek is developing two major washes that cross the community, as it is a foundation of a parks and trail system.  Queen Creek also has historical sites, including the Old Main school building and the Butterfield Stage stop.

How did this town get its name?  In the eastern mountains surrounding Superior, AZ, the land is rich with ore.  A mine that opened in this area was the Silver Queen mine.  At the bottom of the Silver Queen Mine, there was a creek:  Queen Creek.  This creek runs down the mountains, past the mine, and through the Queen Creek Canyon… right into the area surrounding the present-day city of Queen Creek.  Before it was named Queen Creek, the city was actually known by Rittenhouse.  The town changed its name officially to Queen Creek as the community grew.

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